About Us

My Tennis Coach SG (Pte. Ltd)

Established in 2019 we are a group of dedicated tennis professionals committed to improving your game. Leading provider of tennis coaching, lessons, camps, and events in Singapore. Run by an international staff of highly experienced and dedicated coaches with program offerings at private clubs, schools, hotels, and condominium courts island-wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What timing is available?
-choose your preferred timing from the booking tab.

How long are the classes?
-Classes are 60 minutes, however if you practice in a group 90 minute classes are recommended.

What does a lesson cost?
Check the booking tab to view up-to-date rates Click Here

What is the payment schedule?
-Payment is made to My Tennis Coach SG. 

What if it rains?
If the lesson hasn’t started there is no charge. However if the rain starts during the class the remaining time will be used for training in a sheltered area.

 How can I be more consistent on the court?
–  Tennis is a receiving and sending game. You must learn to receive the ball better to send the ball consistently.

How do I get more power?
-Power comes from the set up, you must be balanced and loaded.

Why do I practice better than I play matches?
-In a match you need to stay relaxed, focus on your breathing and use your visualisation skills to bring you back to the moment.

How do I improve?
-it takes consistent practice and time to get better.  Lots of drills is the key!

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Feedback & Reviews

“The nature of the program deliberately breaks down the sequence of the motions involved in tennis whilst keeping the flow. 
This program didn’t just identify them.  In fact I see great value in it to improve my strokes and prevent further injuries unknowingly as I attempt to play hard every single time. 
Being relax but in control is an asset for any athlete and this is exactly the sort of program that could do just that!


“In this short span of time, my technics, tactic, mental have totally change and it impacted my general health, stamina and energy level in addition of course of the immense pleasure of enjoying the fun of Tennis.

As a regular gym Member, I have also seen all the great advantage of those Session with you and the result are evident. I would recommend to anyone to engage into this Experience.

Nicholas Fournier

“I have already been working with Leslie for over 8 years on the court. His personalized instruction has helped break down my groundstrokes into isolated components and work on problem elements in a new way.  I have enjoyed learning how to integrate the biomechanics of the whole body with these simple but challenging exercises.  As an educator, I really appreciate the thoughtful progression of lessons and Leslie’s patient and knowledgeable coaching.  Thank you, Leslie!”

Mira Seo