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Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association
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Tennis Canada
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Looking for Private or Group Classes?

Private Lessons

Need help to improve your game fast? Get one-to-one private coaching with us to clarify motivation, identify strengths and weaknesses, create an action plan to achieve your goals.

Semi-Private Lessons

Want to learn tennis with a friend or family member? Get two-to-one coaching with us and improve your ability to have consistent rallies, serve, and play games together.

Group Classes

Looking for a fun group activity? Join a group class and discover the many physical, mental, and social benefits tennis offers that can last a lifetime.

Tennis Jobs in Singapore

Looking for part or full-time employment? 

Kids Holiday and Sports Camps

Children learn from play. Our camps are play based and available to come to your court and condo green space. The core values of the camps are 1. Be a nice person 2. Be Honest 3. Work hard 4. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.


“ Tennis is finally making sense, thanks to David. We are a group of four who are new to the game, and we were struggling with the basics. David’s greatest strength as a teacher is explaining technique in a clear and easy to understand way. He encourages us to be our best, positively reinforcing our strengths while continuing to develop us into better players. We’re grateful to have him as our coach and excited to be playing proper matches now! ”

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